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Latest Solar Images

Society members aim to photograph the sun every day. The gallery below shows their images over the past month.

Latest Solar report

20th January 2014 by Kevin Kilburn

A superb morning with crystal clear skies and a frosty lawn. Minimum temp -1.8C at 08:30. Some cloud developing after lunch but with the afternoon high of 7.0C, diminishing mid-afternoon to return just now after sunset.

In white light there are a lot of active regions visible across the disc, mainly in the S hemisphere.  On the SE limb, AR1959 is developing stronger following cores, as expected. The larger, simpler sunspot, AR1960, N of AR1959 remains essentially unchanged but now has a clearly observed tri-form structure to its umbra. To the NE of AR1960 is a conspicuous region of facula and a tiny pore, just visible...watch this space!   The new kid on the block is AR1961 in the upper SW quadrant. It's a very conspicuous roughly triangular cluster of small spots and pores that is rapidly developing.

In the PST bright plage hotspots follow AR1959 on the SE limb.  The next-most plage region is that around the developing AR1961 in the SW quadrant. Both of these regions seem to be developing although NOAA only reports XRA flaring in AR1959 since midnight.

Dark filaments remain scarce. Prominences are also in short supply although the one on the SW limb has developed since yesterday and there are new ones edging the SE quadrant.